Jukbuin means ‘Bamboo Wife’ or ‘Dutch Wife’ in Korean. Where did such a term come from? The name gives you a hint about what it is used for. Jukbuin is used in the summer months to help you sleep when it gets too hot. Used mainly in the homes of noble aristocrats, these devices were made by thinly cutting bamboo and tying the strands into the shape of a large pillow.

A man would hug one to sleep with his arms and legs wrapped around it (just like the bolster). It is empty inside so air flows through it, and the surface of the bamboo has refreshingly cool feel to it, which helps reduce the heat when you’re sleeping.

Jukbuin were probably the easiest of traditional Korean bamboo products to make. They were loved by Korean men as much as their wives, because they provide physical and emotional comfort. Sometimes they would also take the place of the husband in noble households were positive feelings of emotion were rarely expressed towards women, because ‘Bamboo Wife’ could provide physical comfort for the womenfolk.

Doesn’t it have an interesting name? Sometime in the summer, when it’s so hot you can’t sleep, how about lying with your arms around a bamboo wife?

Size of a Jukbuin:

Length: 1 ~ 1.5m long

Width: 20cm wide

Source From:

  • Arirang TV