If you are a Kdrama addict like me, this scene is not strange to you. In most Korean dramas, you can normally see those actors and actress going to the sauna to relax and relieve pressure.

In the Korean sauna hall, you can see that many Korean have a hand towel in their hands to wipe off their sweats, and some even just finished washing their hair and wrapped their head with the towel. The witty towel sheep head style is very common seen with the Korean in the sauna.

Learn how to fold one with the help of the pictures and video below.

Take a towel and fold it into 3 parts

Fold 1 side in

Then fold in again, so that the towel is a rectangle shape

Fold in both side of the towel, keep folding in until its big enough for your head.
(just like folding the bottom of a jeans)

Then look for the center part and open up so that you can wear it.

Tada! You can wear it on your head now!

Even KTO is encourage us to try it when we are in the Korea sauna hall.
(Last picture from KTO, Hi Seoul)
Be sure to try it when you are in Korea!

Video Credit: Shinizzo