Having special ties with South Korea, Michael Jackson said that he would come to Korea again on the day when North and South Korea reunify.

After hearing King of Pop – Michael Jackson’s death, the news was spread rapidly in the South Korea. Because of his special ties with South Korea, it had become a topic to talk about among South Koreans. This sudden news have made many fans into mourning and beginning the memorial service for the late Mr Jackson.

The first time that Michael Jackson came to Korea was in October 1996. Large number of fans have long waited for his performance in the ‘History Tour’. There is a post in a fans forum saying that many members even until today which have been more than 10 years, they could not forget that classic performance. There are many members who claimed that the performance are still fresh in their memories.

The second time that Michael Jackson arrived in South Korea was in 1999. He put up an extremely good performance in his concert named ‘Michael Jackson and friends’. At the same time on the same stage, he performed together with the popular group ‘HOT’. Through a SBS TV live broadcast that year, Michael Jackson expressed: “If ever North and South Korea reunify, I will come back to South Korea on that day and put up a memorable performance!”. Sadly that day will never come.

Michael Jackson came to South Korea once again in 1997 which was not announced officially to the public as it was a private vacation and he visited Jeju Island. After viewing the island he praised: “If I can, I would really want to live in this paradise place in the world.” He even joked: “If the island was given to me, I would make my performances here. It would be great if I can buy the whole island, I want here to be my holiday resort.”

There was also an interesting rumors spread among the people. Michael Jackson occasionally tasted once on the Korean mixed rice, Bibimbap and fell in love with it. He then ordered wide variety of different favors of the Bibimbap in the hotel and eat it.

A lot of South Korean fans have been waiting for Michael Jackson to come back to Korea and offer his superb performance on that day, however it could no longer come true. They have always looking forward for Michael Jackson’s new album. All their long waiting turn out to be a sad news.

Micheal Jackson who was preparing for his forthcoming return live performance in London died due to heart attack on 25th June at 2.26pm local time in Los Angeles.

Once again, koreanclicks would like to pay tributes to the late Michael Jackson – King of Pop. Rest in Peace and you will always remain in everyone hearts.