Hi everyone, this is my 100th post therefore I want to make it a difference. I have been blogging for 2 months and notice that most koreanclicks’s readers have been reading through the posts and lurking around my blog but not really giving me any comments or feedback.

Therefore I hope you can write me a comment or simply just help me by answering the few questions below. Through these questions I would able to get to know you better. :)

An introduction of myself – As you know my name is ying and I’m a Korean addict however I’m not really into Kpop, I’m more on the dramas, travel and culture side. Nevertheless, I would still write posts on Kpop news. Therefore please pardon me if my Kpop news isn’t well written. But what I really want is to provide as many information as possible for my readers in other categories. Example like travel and culture.

As I am a Korean drama addict myself, I surfed the internet for dramas filming locations most of the time but I couldn’t find the information I need example like the address, telephone and directions. Therefore I tried to gather as many information as possible before I post it on my blog. I’m doing that in other categories as well.

Lastly please don’t feel shy to give your comments/views in any of my posts. Do remember to answer the questions that I have asked below to see if I have done a good job on my blog. Thanks! :)


  1. Your name and which country are you from?
  2. Who is/are your favourite Korean Celebrities?
  3. What kind of contents/news/information do you like to see more in my blog? (example dramas, travel, news, or culture)
  4. Would you recommed my blog to your friends? Why?
  5. Other comments on my blog

PS: I would like to say a big thank you for those who have visited my blog and wrote your valuable comments. It’s worthwhile writing for all of you and do continue to visit my blog.  :)