Recently in Korea, short hairstyle seen to be the trend now. If you watch the recent Korean TV dramas, seen like all the actress have make an agreement to have their hair cut short. They show a more youthful look without their long silky hair. So would you like to change a hairstyle during this season? Short hair might be a good choice.

Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun – Boys Before Flowers
She is acting as a high school student and partner with F4 who are all younger than her. A short hair style will make her younger regardless of her age. It will also suits her more in her high school uniform. Goo Hye Sun’s hairstyle is straight, natural sheen hair.

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung – Boys Before Flowers
She is acting as Jun Pyo’s fiancee in the drama. A good nature girl personality. With excellent bringing up by her family and a person who is dare to do anything for her character. With a center parting short hairstyle highlighted the personality of her own self reliance.

Yoon Jeong Hee

Yoon Jeong Hee – Glory of The Family
she played as . A dignified and quiet lady. There is a strong influence of Confucian thought in her home. Her short hair style bring out the gentleness in her.

Chae Rim

Chae Rim – Good Job Good Job
She is acting as a unwed mother and a ceramics teacher at the same time. She is self confident and determined. To able to act well in this role, she cut away her long hair she has kept with her for 3 years. Her hairstyle is quite similar to Yoon Jeong Hee.

Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo – Shining Inheritance
She is the leading actress in the drama. A girl who faced extremely difficulties in her life. Her short hair brings out her youthful and energetic character.

Kim Seon Ah

Kim Seon Ah – City Hall
She acted as Shin Mi Rae who was the Mayor of Inju City. A mayor who is energetic and caring. Her new appearance in the drama brings out her lovely and capable character which also give people a sense of dynamic.