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Smell What KT is Qooking?

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The first time when I came across this TV commercial and it’s really funny. I can’t stop myself laughing at the baby and eager of finding out more. Therefore I started doing my searching on the internet. Here the article about ‘QOOK‘.

What in the world is QOOK?

Many television viewers were asking the same question after watching a series of teaser advertisements that feature a dirty and fatigued Byeon Woo-min ― a middle-aged actor portraying a bumbling, wife-betraying scumbag in a recent hit miniseries ― getting pummeled in the streets after trying to steel a pedestrian’s wallet.

Another commercial shows a shivering Eom Hong-gil, the country’s most famous mountain climber, mixing mucus and noodles in a snow-blitzing field that is supposed to be part of Mt. Everest.

Well, QOOK is neither the latest electric rice cooker or gas stove, but the new brand name for the telephone and broadband Internet services of KT, the telecommunications giant that is desperate to inject new life into its bread-and-butter household business.

KT’s goofy advertisements are in stark contrast of those of its cooler rival, SK Telecom, which employs teenage heartthrobs Rain and Jang Dong-gun to combine their unruffled looks with annoyingly addictive songs.The commercials seem to be direct reflections of the reputations the companies have developed throughout their industrial rivalry in recent years.

KT, reeling from declining fixed-line sales, was seen as an old and hapless telecommunications giant whose best days were clearly behind it. SK Telecom, which controls more than 50 percent of the country’s mobile telephony users, looked to be close to becoming the new king who was smarter, nimbler and had the more influential technology.

So here comes QOOK, and KT could only hope that “cheesy and humble” wins more customer hearts than “cool but snooty”.

“We have a lot of ambitions for QOOK, which will be our flagship brand in an industry where bundled products that combine fixed-line, mobile and Internet services are becoming the center of competition.” said Noh Tae-seok, KT’s vice president of domestic services.

The bundles will combine various services, saving customers time and money, the companies claim.

Under its new Qook brand name, KT will provide Internet, IPTV (Internet protocol TV) and home phone services. Price incentives will encourage users to subscribe to more than one of these services, in any combination.

For example, a Qook package for Internet, home phone and IPTV service will cost 32,000 won ($26) a month. KT estimates this amounts to a 20 to 40 percent savings over purchasing separate services, while customers who decide to add KT mobile service to this deal would receive an additional discount of up to 50 percent off the bill for their new cell phone.

KT’s fixed-line telephone service is now renamed ‘QOOK Phone’. while its broadband Internet service is ‘QOOK Internet’. The Mega-TV Internet protocol television (IPTV) is now ‘QOOK TV’ and KT’s voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is ‘QOOK’ Internet phone.

KTF’s wireless service ‘Show’ gets to keep its name, as KT was reluctant to discard a brand that has been gaining popularity among third-generation (3G) users.

The company will provide various discounts and free trials for new QOOK subscribers through May 31.

Source From: Koreatimes & JoongAngDaily

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