What happens when its Summer in Korea? I don’t really know until I got to read some information on it. Therefore I combined all the information I have and create this post. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Grapes is ripe
Bunches of green grapes are ripe and  transmitted the message of Summer. Summer is the season of growth. Green grapes are grow day by day. Children came happily and look at the grapes in a vineyard in Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province. It is reported that the temperature reached 34.7 degrees on the 19th June, the highest in this year.

Kids enjoy themselves in the pool
On the 16th June, Seoul-Yangjae Cheon outdoor swimming pool was official opened. Children enjoyed themselves and having fun in the pool. The temperature reached over 29 degrees that day in Seoul.

Perspire alot
With temperature approaching 30 degrees during the day, many people sweat alot which sometimes caused them headaches. At Myeongdong on the 15th June, anti-sweat “DRICLOR” promotion was held. People that bypass was given a chance to apply “DRICLOR” on their hands.

More fashion caps
Store in Seoul-Dongdaemum displaying all kinds of different style and colors caps. Comparing with the previous years, caps design have more decorative patterns and are more colorful and gorgeous. Caps is one of the major features in this Summer.

Source & Photos From: Chosun

Compiled By: Ying