‘Boys Before Flowers’ is a very popular script. No fans were ever get bored with this drama. The characters’ images in the drama are not just causal build up.

Pony Tail Style

Although in the Korean drama, ‘Ga Eul’ (Kim So Eun) was just born as a normal civilian, but her lovely hairstyle is constantly changing. Today we have 15 different lovely hairstyles for you. There maybe one that suits you.

Beam up from both sides

Long Straight Hair

Put on a hair clip if you find long straight hair too boring

Aries Style

Traditional Style

Princess Style

Little Curly Hair

Curly Pony Tail Hair tied up leaving large volume of hair on the head

Bundle up (Nun Style)

Big Wave Hairstyle

Messy & Lazy Style

Little curl at the tip of the hair

Half Perm Hairstyle (Only half bottom part of the hair is perm)

Tied up some parts of the curly hair

Have you decided on which type of hairstyle you want to have before your next trip to your hairstylist?

Photos From: ifensi