The event to win a special date with Kim Hyun Joong gathered more than 10,000 female fans taking part, from here we can see how popular Kim Hyun Joong is.

On the 30th June Hotsun company expressed: “Staring from 25th June onwards, the one day special date with Kim Hyun Joong has bring together more than 10,000 female fans. The activities on the first day alone has received 32,632 applications online, causing the company website down.” They added: “As the event has more than 10,000 applications, there was an increase of 30% in sales.”

Hotsun started opened their website on 25th June for online orders. Customers are to purchase a Hotsun fried chicken in order to get the application form to participate in the activities. Hotsun would then select 70 lucky customers to enjoy the special day with Kim Hyun Joong.

The event planning staff expressed: “They already knew how popular Kim Hyun Joong was, however they did not expect the responses are so overwhelming.”

Besides, there was a fan who purchased 100 Hotsun fried chicken on the 18th June and donated all to the nursing homes and orphanages.

Source From: MyDaily