Goo Hye Sun has started shooting her TV ad. Apart from an actress, she is a novelist, a painter, a film director and soon a singer.

Goo Hye Sun is so talented that she even sings in her DOUTOR commercials ads that she endorsed. This really caused the fans and audiences to be in a high spirits.

Japan coffee brand, DOUTOR has recently launched in South Korea with Goo Hye Sun humming the melody of the music in the commercial ad. Audiences expressed Goo Hye Sun’s adorable and petite image goes so well with the atmosphere shown in television ad.

Not only will Goo Hye Sun performs in her TV ad, she would also be debuting her first album by end of this month. Many fans and audiences are really concern and looking forward to see her strength as a singer.

Goo Hye Sun would also be having a piano recital performance named ‘Over the rainbow’ on the 5th September together with the Japan great music master, Isao Sasaki.

Source From: IsPlus

Goo Hye Sun’s DOUTOR commercial – 15s

Goo Hye Sun’s DOUTOR commercial – 30s

Making of the commercial