Even since ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was shown in Korea, Kim Bum (acting as So Yi Jung in Boys Before Flowers) become one of the most popular in advertising model of 2009.

Together with Seo Woo (acting as Seo Jong Hee in ‘Crush and Blush’, they have been selected by Maxim to shoot the latest commercial.

The commercial is about Kim Bum & Seo Woo who both acted as a couple that just started dating and Kim Bum was walking Seo Woo home in the night. When both of them reached outside Seo Woo’s house,

Seo Woo was wondering whether she should invite Kim Bum to her house for a cup of coffee. Of course in the end she did.

It’s a cute commercial with coffee icons showing above Kim Bum & Seo Woo’s head on what they are thinking and I really enjoy watching it!

This Maxim commercial was aired through Korea TV stations starting from 20th March 2009.

Kim Bum & Seo Woo – Maxim Coffee Commercial