With the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ debut creating a syndrome all over, getting appraisals as the blue chip in advertisement sector, Kim Hyun Joong (besides Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum) had also got himself signed for a one year model contract with Hotsun Chicken who are venturing into the roast chicken market. The commercial was aired on 29th March 2009.

Hotsun Chicken Director, Mr Kim Dong Jin stated in order to make Hotsun Chicken’s products to perfection, they invested alot of funds and time on doing researched in 2008. Finally they finished all their prepartions and needs to strengthen their publicity to let every consumer know about Hotsun Chicken branding. With that, they get popular Korean star Kim Hyun Joong as their spokeperson, as this is the best way to promote and let consumers aware about Hotsun Chicken’s competitiveness.

Investing in their research development to improve their products, Hotsun Chicken do not use a single drop of oil in their baked chicken and roasted chicken. Thus receiving good reviews as a suitable food for people who are health conscious and for ladies who want to keep in good shape.

Currently Hotsun Chicken is holding a event called ‘Try to be Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend’. The event will start from 18 May to 30 June where 1 coupon will be given to each customer for every purchase of 1 whole chicken. With the coupons they collected, customers can register in Hotsun Chicken official homepage. 70 customers who collected the most number of coupons will stand a chance to win this 1 day special date with Kim Hyun Joong on 4th July at the Hotsun Chicken Restaurant, Jikyoung outlet in Gangnam.

As part of this special chicken date, there will be autographs and photo sessions PLUS Kim Hyun Joong will grill and serve the chicken personally!

Hotsun Chicken Website:

Kim Hyun Joong – Hotsun Chicken Commercial