F4 Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong were love rivals in the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’. However in the latest mobile phones commercial, they acted as brothers and together they created funny scenes which caught hold of their fans’ attentions.

The commercial ads was debut in South Korea on 22nd August. Their commercial images were completely different from their images in ‘Boys Before Flowers.’ They both styled a cool and funky hairstyle.

In the commercial, Kim Hyun Joong asked Lee Min Ho: “Minho, which star are you from?” Lee Min Ho replied: “I don’t know, all I remember is this…” and he started to draw circles (the shape of the planet). Kim Hyun Joong began to feel very touched, he pointed to his phone and shouted: “Me too, BROTHER!” Finally they hugged each other and identified each other on earth.

In fact, Kim Hyun Joon is the funniest members in SS501 and F4 because he always talked without making any sense. Getting along with Kim Hyun Joong for a long time, Lee Min Ho also has a sense of humor. They both have a mutual understanding and performed a super funny show. The commercial shooting was completed with just one take, no NG.

Both of them sacrificed their flower boys images and performed such a good comedy show, fans just loved it!

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Video From: iBreatheLifeMusic