A typical Korean table setting consists of rice, soup and a few side dishes including the essential side dish, Kimchi.

Rice, soup, a spoon and chopsticks are arranged from left to right, in that orderm for each person. Stews and side dishes are placed in the center to be shared by all.

Korean use a spoon to eat rice, soup and stews and chopsticks for rather dry side dishes, but the spoon and chopsticks are not used simultaneously. Koreans also do not hold their bowls or plates while eating. When the meal is over, the spoon and chopsticks are placed back down on the table.

Koreans generally believe that sharing food from one bowl makes a relationship closer, but if one feels uncomfortable with sharing the one for all dishes, it is all right to ask for individual bowl or plate.

Today, many Korean restaurants naturally provide individual bowls and plates. In the past, talking was not allowed at the dinner table but this eating etiquette has become more liberal and talking or socializing is acceptable.

Source From: KTO