Friday May 8, 2009 08:25

Meaning of blood type in Korea

Posted by hying

If you happen to meet any Koreans, don’t feel weird when they asked you this question: ‘What is your blood type’?

You maybe wondering in your mind now. Why do they want to ask you this question? Isn’t it something personal?

Type B

Korean movie ‘My boyfriend is type B(B 남자친구) tells you all. In the Korean TV drama ‘ My name is Kim Sam Soon‘ ( 이름은 김삼순) included a scene when Sam Soon ask Jin Heon about his blood type when he was trapped in the toilet when the toilet paper runs out.

In an article, it says that Koreans take blood types very seriously. Many Koreans, especially women will casually asked others their blood types to predict their inclinations. Type B turns out to be the worst blood type to have in Korea. So can you really judge a person by his/her own blood type? I leave this question to you.

Now you know if you ever get asked about your blood type and yours is ‘B’……well, maybe you can just let them know your horoscope or zodiac instead.

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