The press conference was held on 3rd Nov at 11am at Apgujeong, Seoul CGV Theater. Actor Cha Seung Won and actress Song Yoon Ah attended the press conference. This movie was filmed after Song Yoon Ah’s wedding.

The story of the movie is about this detective (act by Cha Seung Won) who found his wife’s killing traces at a murder scene. In order to cover up this matter for his wife, he tried to solve the mystery by himself. The movie is said to be shown on 3rd December.

In the press conference, Cha Seung Won mentioned that he was shocked when he heard that Song Yoon Ah and Sol Kyung Gu who are getting married. Cha Seung Won has been filming ‘Secret’ with Song Yoon Ah from ending of year 2008 to beginning of 2009.

They have been acting as a couple in the movie and yet he wasn’t aware of Song Yoon Ah’s wedding. Cha Seung Won has also acted with both Song Yoon Ah and Sol Kyung Gu in the movie ‘Jail Breakers’ in year 2002.

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Source From: MyDaily & Yonhap