What are the things that would come to your mind when you heard someone mention ‘ET’?  The science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg? Well maybe, because these are some of the reactions that I’ll get from my friends as well.

The ‘ET” I was refering  here stand for English Teacher. If you ever watch the movie ‘ Our School E.T.‘ (울학교 이티)  you would know that English is one of the important and common language that a Korean student would need to study now in school.

Many government schools in Seoul such as Korea University have hired English teachers from the United States to teach their English courses.The story in this movie was about this teacher who had been teaching Physical Education for the last 10 years in a high school, had to give up teaching his favourite subject and switch to teach English, a subject that he know nuts at all. The hilarious part is that he can’t even speak proper English.

As the school started getting more aware about the importance of english language, the board of directors of the school  decided to retrench some of the fitness teachers and save the cost in order to hired the best english teachers. Therefore, he have left with no choice but to try his very best to teach english in order not to get retrench by the school, as his name is on the top of the retrench list.

Would he able to make it in the end? Find out the answer yourself, watch it! It’s a good movie to watch with your family and friends. Not forgetting to mention that Lee Min Ho is one of the actor in the movie!

Cast: Kim Su Ro, Park Kwang Chun, Lee Han Wee and Lee Min Ho


Our School E.T. – Trailer