Recently SS501 has just finished their performance in Taiwan. Besides having their crazy rehearsals, they also find time to appear in the Taiwan TV program ‘MTV music crazy Lotte Japan and South Korea’.

The program specially invited a Tarot Card Master to divine for the five big boys. As leader Kim Hyun Joong was diagnosed with H1N1 in September, he has been really concern about his health . He went on asking the Tarot Master how long would he live.

SS501 were very happy when the meet the program host Wu Jian Heng again. Wu Jian Heng brought them to taste the olden days Taiwan tea when they first visited Taiwan. To celebrate the success of the SS501 concert, this time they got to taste the Taiwan Marble Soda drink. SS501 finds the special way of open up the bottle really interesting.

The program also invited a Tarot Card Master to help them explained their divination . SS501 members were so excited and were all rushing to ask the Tarot Card Master questions. Kim Hyun Joong who has been concerning about his health asked the Tarot Card Master how long would he live. The divination result says that Kim Hyun Joong is in very good physical condition. He does not need to worry too much about his health.

Heo Young Saeng shyly asked the Tarot Card Master when would he has a girlfriend. The divination said that as SS501 were too busy, he would not be able to find a girlfriend in a short term. There was a disappointment shown on Heo Young Saeng’s face.

As for Kim Kyu Jong, the Tarot Card Master reminded him to take good care of his health. Kim Hyung Joong asked whether the new album will hit the top chart. At this moment Park Jung Min said out that Kim Hyung Joong always wanted to go solo and nervously asked the Tarot Card Master how would the later development of SS501. The Tarot Card Master reminded all the members to have mutual concern among each other.