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Korea Fair Trade Commission once again clamps down on entertainment companies ‘Slavery Contract’ terms

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South Korean Media reported that the South Korean artists owned company firm and the agency had signed contract call the ‘Slavery Contract’. This trend is still being concerned and under the supervision of the people but still the bad habits does not change.

Recently, the Korea Fair Trade Commission announced 20 entertainment firms findings. Almost every company signed artists with an inequality contract, which even now the very strong YG entertainment and DSP entertainment are also included.

SS501 (DSP Entertainment)
In these 2 months April and May, Korea Fair Trade Commission had been reviewing 230 artists’ contracts in these 20 entertainment companies. They found out that a significant portion of the contract includes very unequal terms.

Example of unequal terms:

  • If the artist would to go aboard, the company needs to approve
  • The artist have to follow the instructions given by the company
  • The company and their agent reserved the right to sign and amend the contract
  • No performance activities should be end without the permissions from the company
  • Artists cannot engage on the relevant occupation after the contract had ended or canceled

There are even terms like artists had to report to the company of any places at any time where they are. This is a serious violation of the provisions of privacy.

Big Bang (YG Entertainment)
Legal adviser from KFTC told the reporters even if this particular ‘artists’ career need to cause the company firm to make some special arrange but the terms stated in the contract is much too against the private life of an artist.

At the end of 2008 last year, Korea Fair Trade Commission had reviewed 204 artists contracts from these Top 10 entertainment companies. KFTC hopes to take this opportunity to improve the business environment for the artists.

Companies that offered ‘Slavery Contracts’

  • IJ Entertainment
  • Peace Entertainment
  • YG Entertainment
  • DY Entertainment
  • Barunson Entertainment
  • HUMANE Entertainment
  • Story Entertainment
  • Sim Entertainment
  • GTB Entertainment
  • Summer Entertainment
  • Fan Entertainment
  • DSP Entertainment
  • 101 Entertainment
  • STAR-K Entertainment
  • Mentor Entertainment
  • BHE Entertainment
  • Oracle Entertainment

Source From: MyDaily
Translated: ying

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