Lee Jun Ki – an actor name best known for Korean movie like ‘The King and The Clown‘ and Korean TV drama like ‘My Girl‘ and ‘Time Between Dog And Wolf

According to Lee Jun Ki’s company Mentor, they originally planned to held a public appearance of the album cover on the 18th April, the day where Lee Jun Ki held his fans concert. They stressed that the album cover is exceptional and very powerful. However due to unforeseen circumstances, the album cover was leaked out to the public and the company have no choice but to release the album cover image to the public earlier than they have planned.

The album cover image combines the two concepts – Angels & Demons. Giving Lee Jun Ki’s fan the expressions and gestures of the wild impressive. Besides the leakage of the album cover, MV concert photos, stage designs and layouts was also leaked out which the company find it very baffled. The company will be working extremely hard to prevent the illegal leakage of music.

In this debut single album, the company collaborates with top producer Kim Hyung Suk, who was the composer of Shin Seung Hun’s smash hit ‘I Believe’. Lee Jun Ki’s first single release features the titular J Style, a melodious dance number with a funky beat. The beat of the song is relatively catchy.

Besides the song ‘J Style’, the album included three new tracks and three old tracks. The old tracks are song from Lee Jun Ki’s first album like:

Track 5: One Word 한마디만
Track 6: I Don’t Know How To Love 사랑을 몰라
Track 7: Foolish Love 바보사랑

The album has released on 22nd April 2009.

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Lee Jun Ki – J Style MV

Lee Jun Kee - 1st Album