In South Korea’s music industry right now, we have new generation Korean girls bands like Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Wonder Girls and 2NE1.

Girl’s Generation (SNSD) comeback with their second single album ‘Tell Me Your wish’ (Genie). They would performing this song on the 26th June on the first stage, followed by having a series of promotional activities for the new album.

Wonder Girls would end their music video shooting “Nobody” in U.S. this month. In last year October Wonder Girls had signed a contract with United States CAA agent. Recently they had also signed a contract with the same agent company that Jonas Brothers were in. From 27th June to 22 August, Wonder Girls would be traveling to 7 cities in United States holding a total of 13 performances with Jonas Brothers. It is said that in September this year, Wonder Girls will be performing in China.

Before their debut, “Women’s Big Bang” was used as a nickname for 2NE1. However their power cannot be ignored. Before their appearance to the public, they sang “Lollipop” with the Big Bang members which caused much sensation at that moment. Their official debut song “Fire” was also widely popular. When sexy, cute characteristics go well with other girls bands, Hip Hop is 2NE1 strongest weapons on stage.

Girls Generation – Genie

WonderGirls Teach ‘Tell Me’ Dance

Tell Me – MTV