Super Junior leader Lee Teuk (27) and SNSD Yoona (20) wishes all readers a happy 2010 year.

Super Junior and SNSD respectively received ‘Disk Daesang’ and ‘Digital Music Daesang’ in last month 24th Golden Disk Awards with their songs ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Gee’. This truly represents the most records that were sold in South Korea.

Lee Teuk: “Up till now I have never forget the moment when our name was being announced as the award winner. I can never forget the year 2009 when ‘Sorry Sorry’ has won the award. This includes the rest of the members. ‘Sorry Sorry’ received very good response and this is very meaningful.”

Lee Teuk continued: “Because of the good results achieved last year, I feel that good things will happen in Year 2010. By using the power of the tiger in the year of tiger, Super Junior will put in more efforts and work harder. I wish all readers received successful learning achievements (for those who are still studying) and career flourishing (for those who are working). Hope everyone have a strong health like a tiger.”

Yoona: “Last year, SNSD has been greatly loved by everyone. We will never forget everyone’s care and support for ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish Genie’.

Yonna continued: “It’s a year that we could not forget with great love received. We will no longer indulge in fun and joy so when year 2010 comes, once again we will have a new fresh start just like a newcomer. We determined to present more amazing performances than just ‘Gee’ to our fans. SNSD will united as one and work hard together and we wishes all readers a strong 2010 year just like a tiger.”

Source From: IsPlus

Photo From: SM Entertainment