5 group members SS501 will be having their concert tour first time in Asia. After the release of their 2nd album in end of July, they would beginning the journey of their Asia Concert Tour starting from Seoul. Expected to be travel to six countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore until the end of this year.

SS501 will be holding their first concert in Seoul at the Seoul Olympic Park on 1st August. The next stop will be in Tokyo, Japan on the 13th August. Follow by will be Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in October, Thailand in November, Malaysia and Singapore in December.

Even in this month alone, they have a busy schedule. Starting from 8th June onwards, they has to travel to countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong or even more places to promote their concert tour.

Although SS501 has been very actively performing in Japan, but this is first time they are having their Asia concert tour. Carried out early next year, they would increase their performances. Meanwhile they are also prepare to enter into United States and Australia markets.

As the upcoming of their new album, solo songs by the SS501 members will be released simultaneously to their fans  from the 18th June onwards. Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong’s solos will be release first, followed by the other 3 members. In addition, SS501 also recorded a special music video for this.

SS501′s company DSP Entertainment representative said that Korea and Asia has gradually increased their awareness about SS501 and Kim Hyun Joong. As he was starring in the popular Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’. The company have confident that through this Asia concert tour, it will increasing the popularity and status of SS501.

SS501 – 1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul

PS: Due to overworked, Kim Hyun Joong has fainted in the airport before he aboard the plane to Thailand to promote SS501 Asia Concert Tour.

Wishing Hyun Joong a speedy recovery and have plenty of rest!