Thursday November 5, 2009 10:51

SS501 was College Entrance Examintation Candidates Favorite Artist

Posted by hying

Popular Korean group SS501 was voted as the ‘College Entrance Examination Candidates Most Favorite Artist’. They got themselves in the first place with an overwhelming of 38% of the total votes.

Netizens said: “If SS501 could give any assistance, the problem can be resolved. Listen to SS501’s songs in the final lap make us feel energetic.”

Shinee came in second with 17% of the total votes. Netizens expressed: ” If we received KEY and Min Ho’s encouragement during this year college entrance examination, we won’t feel nervous anymore.”

Came in third was BigBang. Netizens who voted for BigBang expressed: “They made alot of effort in order to be an artist, therefore they can represent the feelings of a high school candidate.”

f(x), FT Island and Kara came in fourth to sixth place respectively.

Source From: MyDaily

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