More than 1 year and 7 months of the mini album ‘Rebirth’ with song title “Love Like This” made the return of of SS501.

Kim Hyun Joong’s sparkling and shining eyes.

On the 1st November at 7pm, SS501 held a ‘COME BACK’ commemorative stamp sessions at Hyundai Department Store MIA at Gireum Dong, Seoul.

Fans were able to get their five (Heo Young Saeng,  Kim Hyun Joon,  Kim Hyun Joong,  Kim Kyu Jong,  Park Jeong Min ) SS501 idols own pattern’s signature green seal as a commemoration through this stamping sessions.

Kim Hyun Joon: “Here’s the signature stamp.”

Kim Hyun Joong: “The stamp is so strange.”

Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong: “Where is the ink?”

Heo Young Saeng: “I’m all ready.”

Kim Hyun Joong : “Thank you so much in love.”

Park Jeong Min: “Fans, Hurry up and come here.”

Source From: Newsen