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SS501’s Taiwan fans meeting session

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Korean pop idol group SS501 held a fans meeting session yesterday. They performed six songs in one row and greeted their fans in Chinese ‘Da Jia Hao’ which means hello everyone. Leader Kim Hyun Joong performed a sexy dance specially for his fans. Making the fans really high in spirit.

This is the first time SS501 came to Taiwan and they attracted more than 3200 fans waiting at the airport for them. In addition, there are many fans from Japan and South Korea who specially chartered flights to Taiwan just to see their idols. Besides singing and dancing in their fans meeting session, they also allowed fans to ask and raise questions, the whole atmosphere was very lively.

Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he feel very nervous as it was his first time in Taiwan. However he feels good when he saw so many fans. Member Kim Hyung Joon said yesterday when they passed by the venue, he saw alot of fans lined up and setting up tents and, he felt very touched. Therefore he would work hard and give his fans the best performance.

Besides greeting their fans ‘Da Jia Hao’, each member has also speak one Chinese phrase that they know. Kim Hyung Joon, Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng said ‘Wo ai ni’, ‘Zai yi chi’, ‘Ni heng piao liang’ which means I love you, one more time and you are very beautiful respectively. As for Kim Kyu Jong he said ‘Zhe shi shen mo’ meaning what is this. He said he is curious about many things when he came to Taiwan. Therefore he specifically learn this Chinese phrase so that he can understand Taiwan better.

Due to his role in the ‘Boys Before Flowers’, he learned a special chinese phrase ‘Zhe wei pian liang de xiao jie, qing mai ge bing qi ling ba’ meaning this beautiful young lady, please buy an ice cream bar. Fans were so happy when hearing this.

Although there are some disputes before the fans meeting session started but the moment changed from anxiety to excitement when SS501 music video was broadcast. The five members made their way down giving out rose to their fans almost causing a chaos among the fans. Their final encore song was “La La La…A song calling for you” ends the 2 hours fans meeting session.

SS501 expressed that they will be holding their concert tour in Seoul first, hoping their fans would be able to see their performance in Seoul. For those who could not come to Seoul, they promise that they would have their concert in Taiwan end of the year.

SS501 would be attending a press conference the 29th June afternoon and taking the evening flight CX531 Cathay Pacific flight at 8.20pm to Hong Kong to continue their promotion activities.

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