T-MAX’s Yun Hwa together with 2AM’s Jinwoon, FT Island’s Seung Hyun and U-Kiss’s Dong Ho are taking part in the “Women Battle” in the SBS ETV ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ which will be broadcast on 5th Dec.

Does he looks like Min Hyo Rin & Jo Yoon Hee?

Yun Hwa appeared wearing the long curly hair wig and dressed in women clothes. His lady appearances received many praises. With the height of 175cm and 52kg slender body size, bringing much envy to the production team.

In particular with his fury jacket, personality skirts and pearl necklaces and bracelets, he won’t lose out to any women fashion stars’ unique sense.

Yun Hwa in disguise

Yun Hwa’s shiny and baby attitude won many praises and cheers from the production team. Looking at Yun Hwa’s ‘lady photos’ fans expressed that he looks like similar to the past of Min Hyo Rin. There even rumors that Yun Hwa is Min Hyo Rin’s brother. Yun Hwa also looks like the recent beauty artist, Jo Yoon Hee.

Fans also said: “He revealed his ‘sexy’ looks after disguise as a woman. The photos are so beautiful that it’s hard to believe that ‘she’ is a man.”

T-MAX’s company has also expressed that: “T-MAX has being mistaken as a mixed group when they first debut because of Yun Hwa’s looks.

Meanwhile Yun Hwa, Min Chul and Kim Joon (T-MAX) will be attending the autograph session held by the Korea Tourism Board on 6th Dec 2009 from 4pm to 7pm at the Incheon International Airport.

Source From: Joysnew