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The truth about Girls’ Generation’s song – Tell Me Your Wish Genie

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Girls’ Generation’s new songs ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has been involved in the copyright dispute with the Uzbekistan singer.

On the 3rd July, Girls’ Generation’s representative has stated: “We had signed a worldwide first contract for the use of this song with the original author.” Therefore they had called for the Uzbekistan singer to stop using this song.

Before Girls’ Generation released their new song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ in June, Uzbekistan singer Dineyra has already released this song in April using the song title named ‘Raqsga Tushgin’. Currently she is still promoting this song. Two different songs with different lyrics but 100% same melody.

SM Entertainment expressed: “This song was composed by the European composer group named ‘Design Music’. This year February, we got the copyright from the Swedish Universal Music Publishing Group. It was being recognized as the first song that issued in the global music. On the Universal Music side, their lawyers have requested Dineyra to stop the use of this song.

The company would take strong measures and replied: “We have asked to delete uploaded videos from Youtube and was examining the procedures of filing the lawsuits.”

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The truth about the song

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