Almost 800,000 fans were panicked after hearing the news about the crisis that TVXQ may disband.

A fan using ID ‘Lea***’ expressed on the internet website: “I simply could not believe that ‘Oppas’ have come to this decision and knowing how much pain they have suffered, my heart feels hurt too.”

Another fans using ID ‘Zij***’ appealed to all the other fans that: “There may be a good dramatic result occurs, we should not get too upset. We have to encourage our ‘Oppas’ and show them our support for these 5 years and have trust in them.”

Daum Agora website also included a 100,000 signatures campaign of “Against TVXQ to disband” launched by Cassiopeia Fan Club netizens members. Currently, the number of the signatures has exceeded 15,800.

Source From: IsPlus