On 2nd August at 3.30pm, hundreds of TVXQ‘s fans were waiting for the return of TVXQ from Japan at the Gimpo International Airport, causing a disorder in the airport.

When TVXQ appeared on the first level of the arrival entry for the international flights, fans started jumping around in order to take a closer look at their idols. Because of this, the whole scene was in chaos. Some fans were being pushed down on the floor and trampled by others. Some fans even started to fight causing an instant chaos in the airport.

Since 31st last month when the 3 members have sued SM Entertainment and called for termination of the contract, rumors has been spread that TVXQ would disband. The airport management expected a large number of fans to be at the airport, therefore they hired private securities and police bodyguards. However this only caused inconvenience to the general public.

Chaos scene at Gimpo International Airport

A citizen who lives in Seoul said: “I rarely dined out with my family, now the bodyguards and polices have blocked the road for such a long time, I felt very annoyed. Security is indeed important but I hope they would take into consideration of the majority when come to the use of public places.”

Another citizen expressed: “I have the intention to go to the foreign goods shop in Gimpo Airport, but the police blocked the road, resulting in a 10 minutes traffic jam. In my first thought somethings must have happened as I saw there are polices around, later then I came to know the road was closed because of TVXQ. I felt very bad.”

TVXQ completely left the airport at 4.00pm. The airport gradually came back to its normal operation. Fans have great blow when they heard about the TVXQ’s incident and came to know about the seriousness of the problem.

The fans who came to the airport said: “There are rumors that ‘Oppas’ (TVXQ) would disband. We are very worried that they really want to withdraw from the group. We are also worried that we may not have the opportunity to see them again in future, therefore we came to the airport today.”

Source From: Chosun