Joo Ji Hoon is now working hard to accept his punishment for taking drugs. He received an order from the court to provide services to the community beginning of this month in Seoul, Songpa-Gu (송파구).

Songpa-Gu remains at the eastern part of Seoul where protection, observation and services are given for the disabled and elderly.

According to the person in charge, Joo Ji Joon has to participate in the community service activities for 8 to 9 hours each day. Joo Ji Joon has to report to the protection center from 9am to 6pm daily and provided many kinds of social services.

Most of the time Joo Ji Hoon would be providing community services for the children and the disabled. On the 6th August, he participate in the bathing services activities held by the local welfare organizations by helping the disabled to bathe. In future, he would be providing community services like these for the next 3 weeks.

The person in charge continue: “Earlier this month when Joo Ji Hoon came to the protection center, he wore a hat and looks extremely sad. Recently he became more cheerful as he started to participate in the social services activities. He also revealed that he would continue to do those things to help the needy even if he has completed the order to provide community services to the center.”

Due to taking drugs together with his colleagues, he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 year and 120 hours of community service orders.

Source From: IsPlus