New actor, Lee Jong Seok got his high popularity in the Korean drama ‘Secret Garden’ way beyond Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won and Yoon Sang Hyun.

He acted as ‘Sun’ in the drama and complete ignored Oscar’s (Yoon Sang Hyun) invitation and rejected his invitation for many times. As a new actor, he acted consistently from the start to the end to maintain his very own performance style. His acting had drew him a lot of audience’s attention.

Lee Jong Seok started modeling when he was in his third year in high school. He was one of the most active young male model in Seoul. He has 5 years of modeling experience. Now not only he is a model, he has actually prepared to debut as pop star singer. However he always wanted to be a official actor rather than a singer who moved into acting.

Therefore he changed his mind and gave up on the day when he suppose to debut as a pop star singer. Since then, he experienced more than 3 years of practicing and finally make it to his first appear in front of the audiences in his first Korean drama ‘Prosecutors Princess’. More audiences are more familiar with him now, after he continued to act in ‘Secret Garden’.

Even in the days for waiting to act in the drama, he enjoyed acting as acting bring him happiness. He playfully commented that it will be good if he has more scenes. Now as an formal actor, he hope he can be like Kang Dang Won, who has his own unique way as an actor.

Believes in his dream and determination, I’m looking forward to see more of him acting in more Korean dramas.

Lee Jong Seok’s particular
Name: Lee Jong Seok
Birthday: 14 September 1989
Company: Wellmadestarm
Hobbies: Games, Basketball