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Bae Yong Joon hope to learn and introduce Korean traditional culture

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“I only came and stayed in the studio and went straight home after the conference. This makes me feel so sorry about this trip.”

Korean Hallyu Star Bae Yong Joon has already became a writer. He made the above remark during the publication conference of his travel book ‘The Journey in Search of Beauty of Korea‘.

He added and described the background of writing this book: “If foreign fans can understand the traditional culture and emotions, they will have a new sense for South Korea.”

Many Bae Yong Joon’s ‘teachers’ attended the publication conference, the potter master, traditional art research master, painting artist and the famous singer Yoon Jin Chul.

After spending a year time, traveling the country and masters all the different skills from his ‘teachers’, he wrote all his experiences about Korean traditional culture in his book.

Not long ago, Bae Yong Joon has been hospitalized due to septicemia. He expressed in the conference: “I’m sorry for causing everyone to worry for me. It’s great to see all the teachers here today, my whole body is full of energy and is gradually recovering.”

He continued: “As an actor I have fewer activities nowadays which I need to apologize to my fans. I’m currently in the mist of selecting my next performance.”

Source From: Yonhap

Photos From: MyDaily & Yonhap

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