Cha Seung Won who acted in the ‘City Hall’ as a genius civil servant was nearly 40 years old.

Besides showing his comedy and soulful performance in the drama, he had also proven that he does not lose out in any young actors in his body shape or appearance. He has captured the hearts of many women. Recently he was known as the ‘Charming middle-aged flower man’.

Election Poster – No 5 contestant – Jo Gook

South Korea ‘Cocoa’ plastic surgery cooperated with an integrated advertising agency and organized a survey named ‘The most charming middle-aged man that touches your heart’. They conducted the survey with women age from 20 to 30 year old and had collected 351 responses. With his 188cm height, Cha Seung Won received a total of 27% votes and came in 1st in the top position.

What is the first condition women looked into when they vote for this survey? The first three conditions consist of gentle attitude, young at heart, social status and financial ability, followed by sense of fashion and statue-like face.

This shows that having good appearance isn’t the main condition for middle-aged men to be attractive.