On 21st May local time, Choi Ji Woo attended an environment public welfare activity organised by Dove. As a spokeperson for the brand, she also participated in the design of the reusable shopping bag. She said that she hope everyone of us can be environmentally friendly from small start by using the environmentally friendly bag instead of plastic bags, so that we can have a better living environment. She also give out free reusable bags to the audiences.

Being asked by Korean media what have she been doing after her shooting of her last Korean TV drama ‘Star’s Lover‘. She replied that she has been in a state of resting. Usually she love watching movies, therefore she made use of this time to watch a lot of films. She went on saying that she had been discussing with her company on her next acting show. However have not yet determine to act in a movie or TV series, but she will not let the audiences to wait too long.

When asked by the reporters what is the secret of maintain her beauty, she replied: ‘Eat healthy food and maintain a good mind, as well as having a healthy way of living.’ So what is the secret of shooting great photos? She said: ‘Know how too maintain natural in front of the cameras is the secret.’

Photo From: Chosun

Choi Ji Woo – Dove Commercial Video