Being the most hit in most new album charts in South Korea, C.N. Blue recalled the difficulties that they faced before they debut. They told the reporters that they used to be young fans before. They ever went to watch their favorite idol “Linkin Park” performance and they almost fainted due to lack of oxygen at the scene.

Warner Music representative said that ever since C.N. Blue’s latest album “Blue Love” has been released, on the same day itself, the album has hit the South Korea top charts. Large number of fans have also attended their March concert in Japan. The scene was really crowded.

Although C.N. Blue popularity soared, but C.N. Blue did not forget their supporting fans as they were so young fans who watched live performances of their favorite idol and almost collapsed at the scene due to lack of oxygen. This makes C.N. Blue feel guilt when they see their fans being caught in the crowded scene.

Whenever they recalled their difficulties they faced before their debut, they treasure their fans more. C.N. Blue leader, Jung Yong Hwa expressed that they know how their fans feel because they had experienced it before.

There was one year, 4 members of C.N. Blue attended the Japan’s Music Festival – Summer Sonic Music Festival to watch their idol “Linkin Park” performance. They queued up early at the venue. After performing groups took turn performing, seeing fans going in and out of the scene, C.N. Blue managed to get to the front of the audiences finally.

When Linkin Park show started, fans were feeling so excited. C.N. Blue got caught in the crowd and almost fainted. They left the scene immediately thus missing their idol’s performance. Till today they feel so regretted.

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