According to the South Korea media report, the reality show starring by Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Kim Hyun Joong and female singer Son Dambi involved an indirect advertising and received severe punishments from the Korean Broadcasting Commission Committee.

Korean Broadcasting Commission Committee held a plenary session on the 22th July and published a list of television programs that violates the related stipulation. In addition, they have issued an order to the 4 television programs to apologize to the audiences publicity and has imposed a warning to other 7 programs.

One of the program was the South Korean TVN Television station program ‘Star as a new employee’ which started broadcast from 3rd June. The program excessively has emergence on specific enterprise’s LOGO and was issued an order to public apology.

Korean Broadcasting Commission In-Charge indicated that this program emergence specific enterprise’s name and LOGO many times which violated the Korean Broadcasting Commission rules 47 point no.2, therefore request the program team to publish a public apology letter.

Source From: MyDaily