SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong who confessed that he have met and stayed with a ghost continued his story further in ‘Strong Heart’.

Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he always feel bad and uneasy whenever he saw or heard a ghost. Audiences at the ‘Strong Heart’ (variety show) scene were scared after listened to what he said.

Kim Hyun Joong continued: “It’s happened in SS501′s hostel. It began one day where I heard voices of a unknown person in the hostel.” He revealed the continuous strange incidents that occurred after he heard those voices.

He also confessed that there was one day where he saw something which he was not suppose to see and the shooting scene was filled with eerie atmosphere.

Due to fear, Kim Hyun Joong instantly does a sudden action where he could not understand, frightening the production staffs.

Kim Hyun Joong’s supernatural encounter talk will be broadcast on the 15th Dec.