Goo Hye Sun has a completely different look when she came to talk about her movie and her love history.

Recently Goo Hye Sun has received good responses about her movie, novels, paintings. She keeps changing her status from an actress to a director, novelist and then a painter. This year September, she will debut her first album. All the songs that have been recorded in her album were composed by her. Well Known Japanese piano master, Isao Sasaki is the music arranger.

Goo Hye Sun also held the ‘Over the rainbow’ concert on the 5th September. However, Goo Hye Sun said she has never learned or studied about painting and composing of songs. Then how many more talents does she possess?

“No, I worked extra hard on things that I concerns. In fact, I know nothing about it, like a really ‘idiot’.” She mentioned about it during a interview in a cafe in Cheongdam-dong, Gangam on the 13th this month.

Suddenly Goo Hye Sun smiled, her expression turned lovely and started to complain. “An artist should know how to dress up and know how to act cool but I don’t even know how to keep my fingernails beautiful. I always bite my nails which is so unhygienic. When guys look at me from a distance, they would think this girl looks cute and warm-hearted. But once they went out with me, they said: “She is a disappointment” and ran away.”"

Goo Hye Sun claimed that her love aspects can be named ‘hardship’ absolutely. “I do not know how far should I go when I’m in love. I am the kind of person who would run with the lunch box all day long chasing after the person that I love. When I sent out a message, I would hold on to my phone and waited for the reply. If I did not receive a reply, I would sent out another message immediately. Finally, those guys felt that I am a disappointment and dumped me.”

The most recent relationship was one and a half year ago. Goo Hye Sun said that friends around her asked her what so good about this guy, but Goo Hye sun love this guy at her first sight. She also mentioned it is not easy for her to find a boyfriend as she would put marriage as a topic in her love relationships.

Goo Hye Sun continued “My previous boyfriend who I had broke up with chased after me in the beginning. When we started interacted with each other, I always waited for him and chased behind him alone. Finally, I got dumped by him. I don’t know if my love relationship works out the next time. I guess that there wouldn’t be anymore troubles
after marriage.” (Smile)

Source From: Chosun

Photos From: YG Entertainment