According to the report from South Korea media on the 21th May, more than 20 video sites in the internet has released video of Han Ga In dancing the bubble dance. It became the highest click through rate in the internet. They named it ‘Han Ga In’s bubble dance’. This is also a scene that would be showing in the Samsung advertisement that Han Ga In was shooting in.

Samsumg representative had said follow the light dance step of Han Ga In gives our viewers a relax and refreshing feeling. In particular, the white rich foam matches well with Han Ga In’s sweet image.

The Korean actress Han Ga In said that by listening to the sweet melody of the song, she feel happy dancing along with the music. She is also joyful when she heard that her fans like her dance. Viewers who had watched the video stated that they think that the image of Han Ga In was totally different. Some of them even feel like watching a cute, lovely thigh dance.

Han Ga In was also one of the actress in Korean TV drama ‘East of Eden‘ acting as Yeon Jeong-hoon’s wife. Although in the real life, she had married for a long time, but she is still always the dream girl for many men in Korea.

Han Ga In’s Bubble Dance