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Hyun Bin – 1st male celebrity who appear on ‘Ceci’ magazine cover

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15 years of maintaining the circulation and the sales as the first fashion magazine ‘Ceci’ has recently selected Hyun Bin as their 15 years special commemorative magazine cover model.

‘Ceci’ is a representative of the Republic of Korea fashion magazine, therefore the stars that appeared on the magazine cover are generally the most popular superstars.

In order to make this October issue a special commemorative one, for 15 years Hyun Bin was the first male celebrity which was selected by ‘Ceci’ fashion magazine as their cover page model.

Recently fans were really concerned about Hyun Bin’s every movement. (I guess was because of his relationship with Song Hye Gyo). He especially released a unique charm in the photo taking. This is his first time attempt to ‘smoked makeup’. Ever since the drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’, he has become more skillful in his acting.

From ‘Ireland’ to ‘Friend, Our Legend’, Hyun Bin made used of his classic lines once again, ‘Hyun Bin interview Hyun Bin’. A perfect interpretation of the theme where one person played 2 different roles during the shooting.

‘Hyun Bin interview with Hyun Bin’ shows how Hyun Bin’s inner world was as beautiful as his appearance.

Source From: IsPlus

hying: I must say that I really love his smooth and clear skin. Oh..I envy Song Hye Kyo

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