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Hyun Bin: “Song Hye Gyo helped my acting improve.”

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Hyun Bin is a blessed man. He got recognized in his acting and firmly got onto the path of star. South Korea top star Jang Dong Gun treat him like a brother and giving him a lot of advice without any hesitation.

By his side, is his most dazzling lover, Song Hye Gyo. To Hyun Bin, Song Hye Gyo is a lover who can discussed about acting just like a friend.

For a series of his dramas, ‘Snow Queen‘, ‘The World That They Live In‘ and ‘Friend, Our Legend, Hyun Bin has not been acting in a well-dressed role, but this does not affect Hyun Bin’s position in the entertainment industry.

Hyun Bin: “Until now, I never regret about the choice I made.”

The first question asked was the poor rating of ‘Friend, Our Legend’. Does he really have to take up this Dong Soo role in the drama? This role don’t really matches Hyun Bin image of goodness.

Hyun Bin replied: “Ever since I watched the Korean movie ‘Friend’, I wanted to take up the challenge of acting in it. In fact, people surrounding me were opposed about it. But I felt if I missed my dream of acting in the drama, it hard to find it back. So I came under pressure to act in this drama. Of course, I dreamed of playing the Dong Soo role.”

Hyun Bin has been a star since 3 years after his debut. He was acting in the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. This drama received 50% ratings of the TV series and he became popular overnight. However, after then Hyun Bin’s dramas rating are not been satifactory and getting hard to achieve two digit ratings. Does he ever regretted about it?

Hyun Bin said: “In fact, I have never regret. Even though the ratings were not high, but the artistic work has been affirmed. I felt happy for this. ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ let me experienced the sweetness of high ratings too early, but at the same time I was no longer obsessed or tangled with the TV ratings easily.”

Hyun Bin: “Jang Dong Gun is my spiritual support.”

Hyun Bin was really much affected by actor Jang Dong Gun. Currently Hyun Bin was under Jang Dong Gun’s AM agent firm. He also listened to Jang Dong Gun’s suggestion when selecting his performance. Starring in the TV series ‘Friend, Our Legend’ was also recommended by Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun is like a solid back for Hyun Bin. But on the other hand, it seen like Hyun Bin has been hidden under the light of Jang Dong Gun who cannot emit his own light.

Hyun Bin: “Senior Jang Dong Gun is my spiritual support. Of course, some people told me that I would always live in the shadow of Jang Dong Gun, and I felt so sometimes. However, I learned a lot from Jang Dong Gun. The most important thing is I could see the standard thinking and attitude of an actor should have from Jang Dong Gun. If I could catch up with Senior Jang Dong Gun, then I would be half successful.”

Hyun Bin: “Work and love, I do not want to favor any one side.”

Recently Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo announced their relationship to the public. Last year they were both acting in the Korean TV drama ‘The World That They Live In’ and this fate has made them as a real couple. As a lover, Hyun Bin don’t really talked much about Song Hye Gyo. However as a fellow actor, he shared it is very meaningful to be in love with Song Hye Gyo.

Hyun Bin: “She is a friend who I can learned a lot from her.” We discussed and talked a lot about performance and acting stuffs. We got closer to each other through this process. My acting ability has a great improvement. Now we also talked about a lot more things on performance.”

Reporter: “We really like to know even since you have been with Song Hye Gyo, which part of your acting skills improve the most?”

Hyun Bin: “Should be my eye contact’. I think the difference between acting in the TV series ‘Friend, Our Legend’ compare to the movie version is the eye contact. To be able too demonstrated a good eye contact with a strong and painful love. Recently, I’m doing it quite well.”

Source From: IsPlus

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Clare Louise

February 12th, 2011 at 9:00 pm

His acting has clearly transcended from way back in Sam-Soon. You can see his maturity as an actor and with a strong actress as his significant other,we can only expect better once he returns from the military.

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