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Hyun Bin visiting Japan to promote ‘Friend, Our Legend’

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South Korean actor Hyun Bin will be visiting Japan on 7 January to promote his drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ which will be broadcast in Japan soon.

According to Hyun Bin’s company, Hyun Bin will be starring in the Fuji TV chat show in Japan, in addition he will also participate in the promotional activities for his Korean TV drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ which will be broadcast on 17 January.

It was known that another Hyun Bin’s drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ will also be broadcast on 10 January in Japan. There will be no doubt that Hyun Bin’s popularity will increase in Japan with these 2 TV series broadcast at the same time.

Recently Hyun Bin was busying preparing with the filming of the movie ‘Late Autumn’. He deliberately arranged some time out from his busy schedule to participate in these promotional activities. He will be flying straight to United States to film the movie right after these promotional activites ends.

Source From: MyDaily

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