With news about top Hallyu star Lee Young Ae holding her wedding in the Island of Oahu Kahala Hotel, the well known ‘Paradise’ hotel received widespread of attentions in the outside world.

Wow, it’s so beautiful!

Recently, a netizen in the Korean-American community posted a article saying that he has witnessed Lee Young Ae’s wedding ceremony. He expressed that at local time 23rd August, he met Lee Young Ae and heard from the hotel waiter that Lee Young Ae’s trip here was to hold a secret wedding.

At that time, he congratulated Lee Young Ae in person, however Lee Young Ae was quite panicked and she got up immediately and left the hotel restaurant. The agent sitting beside Lee Young Ae explained immediately that it was just a misunderstanding.

The netizen continued in his post: “Although I met Lee Young Ae many times in the hotel, but I have never seen her together with her husband.”

Lee Young Ae has absolutely keep a secret about her wedding, she did not disclose any news about her wedding to any of her friends in the entertainment industry.

Recently, many attentions were given to this Kahala Hotel. Kahala Hotel is a high class leisure resort located on the top of the Hawaii living area, Kahala area. The hotel is well known for visitors like the previous U.S. presidents and world ambassadors.

The hotel is located near the world most famous Waikiki Beach. Besides that the hotel has it own private beach. The cost to stay in the hotel could reach as high as US 395 dollars per day. Moreover the hotel has rule for the hotel guests to have a certain dress code requirements. It is a super five star hotel.

hying: I don’t know how true it is, but the place sure looks beautiful!

Source From: Chosun