Hotsun Chicken released the news that they are looking for professional models to endorse their chicken wings together with Kim Hyun Joong.

Starting from now till 30th next month, this event will be open to anyone with no limitations. Those who are interested can just fill up the application form found on the Hotsun Chicken website (

The interview time will be carried out after the election. Hotsun Chicken Company will inform those participants who have been selected. Three finalists will be selected and entered in the final round.

The champion will receive 2 million in prize money, the first runner up will receive 1 million in prize money and the second runner up will receive 5 hundred thousands. The 3 finalists will also get to sign a 2 years contract with Hotsun Chicken and become their spokesperson where they have the chance to shoot the commerical with Kim Hyun Joong.