Due to drug abuse, Joo Ji Hoon was sentenced to provide 120 hours of community services. Recently he wrote a message on his homepage saying that he regretted taking drugs.

Joo Ji Hoon was found involved in the drug abuse by the police in April this year. He was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for one year and engaged in the 120 hours community services penalty.

Joo Ji Hoon has remain silent all this while. Until last month when he finished providing his 120 hours of community services, he expressed his own feelings on his homepage on the 7th September.

In the article that Joo Ji Hoon wrote to his fans, he said: “It’s have been really long since I last meet everyone. I am feeling emotional now, I am very sorry and painful all this time, the most important thing is that I miss everyone and feel sorry to everyone.”

Joo Ji Hoon continued to express his gratitude to his fans by writing: “I have received all your emails and letters and I would keep them well with me. I’m trying to live my life to the fullest everyday, so please don’t worry about me.”

He also mentioned that he regretted about the mistakes that he made. “Everyone can see how bad I am because of a moment of my foolishness. I’m here to promise that I would not repeat the same mistake again so that everyone can see a better Joo Ji Hoon.”

It was know that Joo Ji Hoon has finished providing his 120 community services and are preparing to join in the army.

Source From: MyDaily