He’s one of the hottest and popular man right now. He’s also one of my favorite artist. Check out his live interview with Mnet.

Reporter: Felt your popularity recently?
Jung Yong Hwa: I was recognized by the students when I was in a restaurant. The elder people do not know me. But many students recognize me.

Reporter: In real life, is there any difference between Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Shin Woo?
Jung Yong Hwa: Kang Shin Woo is a very mature and careful man. In fact, in real life, I’m usually a naughty guy and fond of making jokes.

Reporter: How do you look at your nickname given by your fans?
Jung Yong Hwa: Shin Woo is a very good role in the drama. So people called me “Towel Guy”. I am fine with it. (Nickname was given as he covered Go Mi Nam with a towel in the man shower room)

Reporter: What do you like most about yourself?
Jung Yong Hwa: I’m not a double eyelid person but my eyes are relatively big, so I like and have confident in my eyes. (Having a embarrassed smile after saying that)

Reporter: What kind of role do you like to act in future?
Jung Yong Hwa: If there is a chance, I like to act as a bad guy role. (After finishing say that, he pulled up his collar and give a very bad expression. However still there is still room for improvement. ^^ He laughed out immediately and said sorry)

In the end of the interview, Jung Yong Hwa show his talent by giving a rap. This rap can be hear in the soundtrack. ^^

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