Monday July 13, 2009 00:36

Junjin: “Lee Si Young looks beautiful when she sulks sometimes.”

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Sometimes ago, Junjin and Lee Si Young make known to public about their love relationship. Recently Lee Si Young participated in the MBC ‘Quiz That Changed The World’ and she tried to connect Junjin through the phone had caught many viewers attentions.

Lee Si Young called up Junjin during the fast Quiz and asked him another word for ‘like’. Junjin replied over the phone saying ‘You’ and the whole scene was filled with dedicated atmosphere. The host Park Mi Seon asked Junjin again: “When does Lee Si Young looks most beautiful?” Junjin replied: ‘She looks beautiful when she sulks sometimes.” This scene has exaggerate their feelings.

Lee Si Young’s cyworld mini homepage

On the other hand, Lee Si Young talked about when they first date. She said that Oppa (mean ‘Brother JunJin’) put a basket of flower at my doorstep and it reads ‘Sea Squirts’. She revealed that Junjin knew that she loves sea squirts during the recording of the ‘We Got Married’. More content on this telephone connection scene had broadcast on 11th July.

Photo taken by Lee Si Young

Just today MyDaily reports that Lee Si Young recently posted a self-shot photo on her own cyworld mini homepage with Junjin which attracted alot of people attention. This picture is captured by Lee Si Young on her mobile phone and is the first time they posted their photo to the public since the offical annoucement of their relationship.

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