Saturday September 26, 2009 02:29

Kim Hyun Joong felt embarrassed stepping on dog poo

Posted by hying

South Korean pop group SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong stepped on dog poo while recording ‘Family Outing’ with and South Korea sexy queen Lee Hyo Ri. This makes Kim Hyun Joong so embarrassed and could not help by say that every time when he met Lee Hyo Ri, someone will definitely stepped on dog poo.

The story turned out to be that when Lee Hyo Ri was still in the girls group ‘Fin.K.L’, two groups (SS501 and Fin.K.L) met together, sat in the same car to go for their performances. Happened that one of the SS501 members carelessly stepped on a dog poo and boarded the car. The vehicle was then filled with strange smell and this was a fun and unforgettable memories for them.

During this ‘Family outing’, Kim Hyun Joong shyly mentioned that both SS501 and Fin.K.L were from the same entertainment company. When Lee Hyo Ri was still in Fin.K.L, she gave special care and concern to SS501.

Both Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyo Ri have already known each other for many years. They can chatted almost everything. Lee Hyo Ri made Kim Hyun Joong to say a few classic lines from ‘Boys Before Flowers’ to her. Feeling embarrassed, he said: “That way I want to be Lee Hyo Lee’s honorary fireman”. Lee Hyo Ri was really happy about it.

SS501 will be having their concert at the Taipei Arena on the 17th October. Not long ago Kim Hyun Joong was dignosed with H1N1. He was recovering well. After resting for a few days, he immediately went back to record songs for the new album that expected to be released by end of October.

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