Although Kim Hyun Joong acted as a young master with many servants serving him in Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, in the real life he has been through many hardships.

He made a living by carried bricks, delivered fried chicken during his 2nd year in secondary school. For 5 years, he has been thrifty and saved up about 1 billion won. With a good business mind, he used the money that he had saved to open a fried chicken store with his childhood playmates in Seoul.

Korean handsome star Won Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun always been mistaken that they came from a wealthy family. In fact, they are both from hard working family before they debut, Kim Hyun Joong is one of them.

When Kim Hyun Joong was in secondary school, he dislike studying but love playing music. Because of this he quarreled with his parents and ran away from home for six months. During these six months, he idled around on the street.

There was time when he felt so hungry that he went to the noodle shop and ate without paying. There was also time when he got drunk and got beaten badly by the gangsters. He slept in an empty house and almost got hit by stones. Being through all these hardships, he decided to save up money and do something great.

Kim Hyun Joong said: “During that time, I carried bricks, delivered fried chicken and work as a waiter in the restaurant. I accepted any job as long as I can earn money from it. After which I managed to save up to 1 billion won and I felt a great sense of accomplishment.”

He started a fried chicken store using the money he has saved up. He even wrote in his promotion leaflets saying: ‘I would be your son if the chickens don’t taste good’. And right now he became the spokesperson of the Korean Hotsun fried chicken.

Source From: Apple Daily